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The Kansas Education and Research Network (KERN) will be a Practice Based Research Network that serves as a research body within Kansas Health Science Center (KHSC). The goal of the network will be to allow practices, students, and physicians to come together to engage in clinical analysis that improves the continuum of care for all.

At KERN, members will have the ability to discuss trending challenges in their field, conduct research with one another, and share insights about the unique aspects of their practice. When the community of KERN collaborates, they will effectively connect research and practice while discovering various professional development and continuing education opportunities from KHSC.

The activities of the network will include topics as wide ranging as successful immunization strategies to addressing disparities in delivery of care, as well as projects that build community engagement, and support the needs of clinicians and caregivers.

KERN will be dedicated to advancing patient health and well-being by combining the experience and expertise of all health care sectors—from direct care physicians to patients and stakeholders.


The KERN mission is to provide optimal experiences and cost-effective community health outcomes that promote access to care and support patient and provider wellness.


The KERN vision is to utilize a collaborative community of medical practices, advisers, and educators to promote community-based education and research.

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